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Contract Employees

What is Contracting?

Contracting refers to employing someone to perform a specific function for a defined period of time; a temporary job assignment.

Best Applications

  • Short and long term projects
  • Help meet a deadline
  • Control staffing levels during the ups and downs of a business cycle
  • Adding staff during a hiring freeze
  • Evaluate the skills of a prospective employee

Using a Third Party Contractor

When an Employer uses a Third Party to help with your contract hiring, we become the employer and handle these employer responsibilities including:  weekly payroll funding, taxes, benefits, unemployment, workers’ compensation, background checks, etc.

Nunnelee & Associates, Inc. in partnership with Top Echelon Contracting can be your contract staffing service provider. 

Advantages of Third Party Contracting

  • Reduce Employment Costs
  • Increase Staffing Flexibility
  • Reduce Payroll Tax Issues
  • Reduce Benefits Administration
  • Reduce Unemployment Exposure
  • Reduce Workers’ Compensation Exposure
  • Maintain Budget Controls
  • IRS Protection Against Employee Misclassification
  • Eliminates ‘bad press’ from layoffs

For more detailed information concerning Contracting through us, please visit our “Employer of Record” page by clicking here.

For a list of companies who have contracted with Top Echelon please click here.


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