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Why Work with a Professional Recruiter?

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Why Work with a Professional Recruiter?

Bottom line:You significantly increase your chances of getting the interview.
The current business climate of corporate downsizing coupled with the growth in manufacturing productivity has created an environment where there are more job seekers on the market than there are jobs to be filled. This means that employers are inundated with more resumes than they can possibly review. In a recent widely publicized case, one job vacancy had over 700 applicants!

But there’s good news…

Manufacturing Companies hire Professional Recruiters to help them find the best candidates available. They rely on us to present only the top 3-5 candidates for their consideration saving them valuable time and effort. If you are presented for consideration to a Company by a Professional Recruiter you significantly increase your chances for an initial interview.

A Professional Recruiter will:

  • Prepare you for your interview
  • Be your advisor through the process
  • Let you continue to do your job while we work for you

We always present you to the employer in a highly professional manner.
We never submit you for consideration by an employer without your express consent.
All contact between us is held in strict confidence.
There is no financial cost to you.

The Power of Networking

A true story: A Professional Recruiter based in Mississippi worked for a Company near Dallas, Texas that was conducting a search for a Manufacturing Manager. Another Professional Recruiter based in Pennsylvania introduced the first Recruiter to a candidate who was then interviewed and hired by company in Texas. The candidate lived only 10 minutes from the Company in Texas but would have never known about the position if it weren’t for the professional relationship between a Recruiter in Mississippi and a Recruiter in Pennsylvania… the power of networking.

There are thousands of such stories within the Top Echelon Network of Recruiters. We have over 1400 Professional Recruiters who network together every day and there are typically thousands of job opportunities on our network.  If you post your resume with us it can be seen by all Top Echelon Recruiters and thousands of Employers nationwide.

Why not put the power of networking to work for you today!

What Are Companies Looking for in a Candidate?

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