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Why Hire a Professional Recruiting Firm?


Manufacturing Companies partner with other organizations to provide components and materials that help to produce the finished product. These organizations must meet your high standards of quality in a cost effective, time efficient manner. This allows you to keep your resources focused on what you do best.

Our business is recruiting.

Searching for the best and brightest talent is difficult and time consuming. When you partner with a Professional Recruiting Firm, it allows you to keep your resources focused on what you do best, while we seek out the highest quality candidates in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

Top Talent

The very best candidates are generally content in their employment. They work for companies who recognize their talent, value their service and reward them accordingly. They are not looking to make job changes, they are not job hoppers and they aren’t reading the internet job boards. If these “A” players are open to change, they prefer to work through a discreet third party. This makes them extremely difficult to identify.

A Professional Recruiting Firm works hard all day, every day to identify these top tier players. We maintain direct contacts within your industry, we network with other organizations and we use the latest technology to locate and recruit these top talents to the outstanding companies that we represent.

A Global Perspective

Dramatic changes have taken place in the manufacturing industry in recent years that have forced employers to change their perspective on their recruiting practices. With increasing global competition to attract our Nation’s best and brightest - running ads in newspapers, trade journals and internet job boards no longer brings you top talent. We must seek maximum exposure if we are to achieve maximum results.

Our partnership with the Top Echelon Network of Executive Recruiters gives you a global footprint. Top Echelon is the world’s most productive placement network of recruiters. This partnership allows us to place your search assignment in front of 1400 Professional Recruiters while maintaining the ease and simplicity of dealing with a sole contact. Top Echelon recruiters share over 50,000 of our top recruited candidates with each other on any given day. We have over one million ‘passive’ candidates who keep their resumes on file with us.

Our partnership with Top Echelon enables us to provide our clients with the vast resources of a global company while maintaining the fast responsiveness of a small company. Nunnelee & Associates, Inc. is consistently ranked in the Top 1% of Top Echelon recruiters.

No Risk to You

Most Employers have us conduct searches on a contingency basis. That means that you pay us only if we find the right person for your need.


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