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Professional Recruiting Firms play a vital role in helping companies and organizations attract the right people to fill their key positions. Selecting the type of search that is the best approach is the first step toward your ultimate goal.

Contingency Search

The contingency search is the most common service we provide for our Client Companies. The Employer provides a comprehensive profile of the ideal person that you seek to employ. We then formulate, implement and execute a recruiting plan that will introduce you to two to three qualified candidates within the first few days of the search. We will continue to refer additional candidates, as they become available until your need is met.

We are typically conducting several contingency searches simultaneously in related and complimentary industries. This creates a synergy within our search assignments that produces outstanding candidates in a time efficient manner.

This is commonly called a contingency search because your payment is contingent upon us successfully finding the right person for the job. Most Employers consider this type search ideal for entry level to middle management positions.

Retained Search

A Retained Search is a contractual agreement between an Employer and a Professional Recruiting Firm whereby both parties define what will be expected in the way of responsibilities and outcomes for the search. The Company will retain the Recruiting Firm for a highly specialized search much the same way you would retain a law firm to handle a specific legal matter.

A Retained Search follows a similar recruiting process as a Contingent Search. However, the Recruiting Firm guarantees exclusivity in recruited candidates and exclusivity in the use of their time and resources and the Company guarantees exclusivity to the Recruiting Firm for the search itself.

The primary benefits of a Retained Search is that it establishes clear and concise expectations from both parties and both parties tend to intensify their focus on the goal, give more attention to the details of the process, and exercise the highest level of diligence and patience to achieve the objective. Most Employers consider this type search ideal for extremely confidential searches, highly technical positions and the most senior-level positions.

In general, a Retained Search follows a three-payment plan; one-third of the anticipated placement fee is due at commencement of the search, one-third after 30 days, and the balance when the right candidate has been selected. Typically the cost of a Retained Search is equivalent to one third of the candidate’s expected total first year cash compensation (base and bonus).

Contract Employees

Contracting refers to employing someone to perform a specific function for a defined period of time; a temporary job assignment.

Third Party contacting occurs when an Employer uses a Third Party to become the “Employer of Record.” There are many advantages for the Employer who uses an outside agency for this service.

Best applications to use Contract Employees are short and long term projects, to help meet a deadline, control staffing levels during the ups and downs of business cycles, adding staff during a hiring freeze and evaluating the skills of a prospective employee before adding them permanently.

For more detailed information on Contacting please click here

Out Placement Service

When an Employer is faced with the unfortunate situation of reducing your workforce we can help by providing those outbound associates with immediate access to the thousands of job opportunities available through our Top Echelon Partnership.

The sooner the better…

Your outbound associates will greatly benefit from having more time to find new employment because it is much easier to obtain a new position while they are still employed. The primary objective should be for both you and your employee to walk away from a layoff with dignity.


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