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The Foundation of a Successful Recruiting Process

The aspiration of the Professional Recruiter is to locate, recruit and present the best and brightest Candidates for our Client Company so that after the new employee comes to work for you, they will meet and exceed your performance expectations.

Employees represent an organization’s primary resource of competitive advantage in the marketplace, so it is in our mutual best interest that we execute a collaborative and interactive recruiting process that consistently delivers employees who positively impact the performance of your organization.

Since the only way we will retain your business is for the Candidates that you hire through our recruiting process directly, consistently and positively impact the performance of your business – the QUALITY of the RECRUITING PROCESS is of utmost importance to both of us.

 – “The wise man builds his house on a solid foundation.”

These are the foundational elements that are needed from you for us to have superior quality in our Recruiting Process.

A thorough, written job description including specific responsibilities, reporting structure, experience requirements and technical skills that will make the new employee meet or exceed your performance expectations. A competitive salary range should be established including the maximum salary that you are willing to pay for an A+ Candidate. Type of relocation assistance provided. Initial and ongoing training that is expected and provided.

In-depth information about your specific expectations for the new employee must be provided.  Additional information like the:

3 most important responsibilities of the position
3 most important skills needed
3 most important personal attributes
Most important goal for this position and the timeframe to accomplish it
Specific objectives for the first 3, 6 and 12 months
Advancement opportunities and expectations with realistic time frames

Communication with the Manager.  We need to have open communication with the Manager of the new employee. We will be asking questions like why is this position available and how long has it been open, what did you like most about the previous employee, what skills did that person not have or need to improve on that you would like to see in your new employee, what is your management style, what is your background and what attracted you to the company. The Manager will be able to give us deeper insight into their needs and expectations.

Industry, Competitors & Customers. As we research your industry and your competitors, we need your input on industry trends, your position in the marketplace and the short and long range challenges to your industry and company. We will want to know the strength and weaknesses of your competitors and why your customers prefer to buy from you. We need to know which competitors to target for a potential new employee, which competitors not to target and if there are specific individuals that you would like for us to engage.

Momentum. Companies who move quickly to complete the hiring process have a distinct advantage over their competitors. The top candidates relate the speed of the process as decisiveness and efficiency, characteristics of the type organization that they want to be a part of. Conversely, if the process drags, the momentum is lost and candidates become less interested and more open to companies who are demonstrating their own interest through their decisiveness in the recruiting process.

For this reason, once we have located, interviewed and selected the top tier candidates for you to consider it is imperative that we move forward in a deliberate and timely manner.

  • Telephone Interviews should be completed within a 3 day timeframe
  • Face to Face Interviews should be conducted within 5 business days of the Telephone Interview
  • An Offer should be extended within 1 day after the Final Interview
  • The Candidate should make a decision within 5 business days after the Offer is extended

The company that takes the initiative to move through the Recruiting Process in a deliberate and timely manner increases their chances of getting the Top Candidate (1:2) over those who take more than 10 days to complete the process (1:10).

Feedback. Feedback in a timely fashion is absolutely essential. It is essential for You to get feedback from us. It is essential for us to get feedback from You. It is essential for the Candidate to get feedback from the both of us and essential for us to get feedback from the Candidate and relay it back to You. At any point where the feedback lags, the process stalls and the Quality of the Recruiting Process diminishes. Timely feedback is absolutely essential to the foundation of a successful recruiting process.

In summary, it is in our mutual best interest that we execute a collaborative and interactive process that consistently delivers employees who positively impact the performance of your organization. This is accomplished by having a solid foundation as we work together to identify, recruit and select the Top Candidates for your Organization.


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